The Buzz...

"Just wanted to reach out and say how much we enjoyed having PettyBreakers over the weekend...  Hopefully the band enjoyed themselves too.  We look forward to having them back in the new year!”

- Adam Spriggs (Talent Buyer)

"...We get all the trib bands in here but I have to say... you guys were GREAT!!!! guys damn sure made a Petty-Breakers fan out of me. "

- Ben Valenty -(Talent Buyer)

"It's a little odd to go play with a tribute band, being in the (original) band, but it's pretty cool.  I mean... they're good musicians...  and they’re good songs."

- Ron Blair (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)

on Fox5 News about his performance with the PettyBreakers.

"It's fun to play with a bunch of world-class musicians and to be in a band that's so good. Plus, I'm a huge Tom Petty fan. So, what's not to like?"

-Joe Bonamassa (Blues/Rock Guitarist Extraordinaire)

on Fox5 News about his performance with the PettyBreakers.

..You rock... The band is amazing... Couldn't leave...

it was too good... What a great band! Blown away!”

-Madison (KPRi Radio Personality)

Backstage with Ron Blair (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)

From left to right: John McAllister; Ozzie Mancinelli; Andy Fraser (Free); David Zeman; Danny Leoni; Keith Scott (Bryan Adams Band); Jesse Valenzuela (Gin Blossoms); Joe Bonamassa

“The PettyBreaker's are such a great show!! Beyond the seriously talented musicians, they have that unique gift of getting the audience out of their seats, singing every word to songs you long thought you forgot! What a treat! “

- Misha DiBono (Fox5 News Entertainment Reporter)

 “I can highly recommend the Pettybreakers for you club or outdoor concert event.  The band has taken this project very seriously from rehearsals, to costumes and being as true and authentic to the original act, in this case Tom Petty and Heartbreakers. One thing I really like about the band is how their set list has a few nuggets that they dig a little deeper for than just the standard great hits track listing. I've done a handful of show with the guys and am looking forward to doing more this next year.”

- Chad Waldorf  (Talent Buyer)

The PettyBreakers & Friends Raise Nearly $14,000 for Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy Benefit

"I've worked with a lot of tribute acts over the years and The Petty Breakers are pros on and off the stage. Our listeners went nuts for these guys and demanded that they come back to town. They nail it musically and it's just freakin fun every time.

We sang, we danced and we celebrated the greatness that is Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers!!"

-Carter -(Program Director KJFX-FM)

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